Free seminar on SAT, MBA Application Es


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Free seminar on SAT, MBA Application Es
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Free seminar on SAT, MBA Application Essay - Real Answers to Real Application Questions Here is the event link: MBA Application Essay Seminar - Real Answers to Real Application Questions One of the most common questions regarding writing application essays is: How do I get started? At this event, we will be giving you REAL ideas that you base your essay answers on. In the last seminars, we focused on process. At this seminar, we will focus only on answers. Here is a preview of the questions we will answer: What have been your most significant leadership experiences? What challenges did you face, and what impact did you have? This is your opportunity to explain how you Think Bravely (personally and/or professionally). (Northwestern) What are your short- and long-term goals, and how will an MBA from Chicago Booth help you reach them? Tell us about something that has fundamentally transformed the way you think. (200 words maximum) (Chicago) Describe a time when you were a student of your own failure. What specific insight from this experience has shaped your development? (Berkeley) What will you contribute to the Yale SOM community, and how will being part of it help you extend your professional vision? (Yale) Want to add another question? Go to the Facebook page (link below) and post the question on the wall. -- ◆ From:


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