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※ [本文轉錄自 Knicks 看板 #1FLPI3Sm ] 作者: djviva (淡定~ 穩中求勝) 看板: Knicks 標題: [外電] Lin’s Star Turn Demands Learning.... 時間: Tue Mar 6 12:37:20 2012 http://tinyurl.com/7vezoy3 from 3/6 NYTimes Lin’s Star Turn Demands Learning in the Spotlight 副標:Jeremy Lin got a vote of confidence from Coach Mike D'Antoni despite a rough first half Sunday 雖然對超賽的上半場表現不佳, 但Lin還是得到了總教練的信任票 The next inevitable phase of the Jeremy Lin story is under way, in which reasonable doubts and manufactured controversy replace the initial burst of elation. This is where the mythology fades and the fundamental work for the Knicks begins. 林書豪傳奇接下來要上演的情節, 跟先前那些興高采烈討論尼克本季可能性不同的, 無 可避免的會是對Lin合理的懷疑跟爭論, 也從此時開始, 林來瘋熱潮消退, 尼克也回歸 基本面運作 This is the point at which Lin must make the most critical adjustment: from instant celebrity to enduring basketball star. 這也是林書豪眼下極嚴苛的考驗, 看他如何將突然的爆紅, 調整成持續長紅的球星 Since the Lin-fueled seven-game winning streak that saved the season, the Knicks have lost four of seven games, and Lin has struggled to adapt to new teammates, new realities and the demands of overnight stardom. Defenses are focusing on him. Fans and commentators are scrutinizing every blemish: his turnovers, his weak left hand, his jump shot. 眾所皆知的, 林書豪以七連勝保住了他的球季, 之後尼克接下來的七場比賽輸了四場, 林努力的去適應新隊友, 新狀況以及球迷對他整夜的熱愛. 敵隊的防守專注在林身上, 球迷&球評也對林所有打球的細節盯著看, 包括他的失誤, 較弱的左手, 以及跳投 Every defeat amplifies the concerns. 每一次輸球都放大了這些焦慮 “He’s a marked man right now, no doubt about it,” Coach Mike D’Antoni said Monday, a day after the Knicks’ heartbreaking overtime loss in Boston. “He should be. And that’s good. He’ll learn quicker this way.” 在Boston令人心碎的延長賽後, 丹東尼說, 毫無疑問的林現在是大家的焦點, 他當之 無愧, 這很好阿, 林會學起所有的經驗教訓的 Lin will continue learning as the Knicks’ undisputed starter, despite the return of Baron Davis and vain attempts to stoke a point-guard controversy. D ’Antoni reaffirmed that commitment as Lin prepared for a rematch Tuesday with the defending champion Dallas Mavericks, whom he took down two weeks ago at the height of his sensational run. 儘管BD回來了, 儘管很多人大肆爭論林擔任先發控衛, 但林還是會一邊出任先發控衛 一邊繼續學習成長. 丹東尼再次強調下場林還是會再次先發小牛的比賽, 上回兩周前 林就曾漂亮的擊敗小牛 “Jeremy, I’ve got complete confidence,” D’Antoni said, adding: “He’s got a learning curve. Sometimes, you have great games, some not too good. But the one thing I do know about him: he’s a tough-minded kid and he will find a way to win.” 丹東尼: 我對林充滿信心, 他有自己的學習曲線, 有時他表現極佳但有時沒那樣好, 但 我知道一件事, 那就是林有著強大的心臟(心智), 他總能朝著勝利奮發 That was evident in Boston when D’Antoni stuck with Lin late in the game despite a rough first half. Lin repaid his faith by scoring 6 straight points in a critical stretch of the fourth quarter (although he was 1 for 7 in overtime). 證據就是雖然對上超賽的上半場林打不好, 但丹東尼還是將球賽下半段交給他, 而林 回報就是第四節連拿六分 (雖然OT他只有投7中1) By riding out the bumps, D’Antoni is giving Lin the confidence to keep attacking and learning, without fear or self-doubt. This is an investment in the future, both Lin’s and the Knicks’, whose long-term prospects may depend on Lin as much as any player. (Davis, who turns 33 next month, was never more than a stopgap, and his durability remains a question.) 為了讓林順利成長, 不受到恐懼跟自我懷疑影響, 丹東尼持續給林攻擊籃框的信心, 這是對林跟尼克未來的投資, 因為長期來看, 沒有其他球員比林更值得依賴 PS. BD下月滿33, 只是尼克暫時權宜的需要, 他是否耐操也很令人懷疑 Lost in the haze of news media hype is that Lin is just 23 and essentially a rookie — in experience, though not by definition. 媒體鋪天遮地的吹捧掩蓋了其實林只是個23歲的菜鳥 He has been an everyday player for only 14 games, the equivalent of one month on the N.B.A. calendar. Growing pains are natural. No one expected Lin to sustain a 25-point, 9-assist pace for the rest of his career, or even the next two months. 林書豪全職上場才僅僅14場, 差不多是NBA行事曆的一個月吧, 成長時的痛很正常, 除了酸民之外, 沒有人期待林書豪從現在到生涯結束都維持場均25分9助攻, 更別說 接下來的兩個月了 The better defensive teams, including Miami and Boston, have made stopping Lin an obvious priority, and it has had an effect. His production is down over the last five games: to 15.8 points and 7.8 assists (from 25 points and 9.2 assists in his previous nine games). Yet those more modest averages would still place Lin among the top 10 point guards in the league. 聯盟中防守強隊的熱火跟超賽, 都很明顯的專注在壓迫林, 也都取得了效果. 林的數 據在最近這五場中, 從先前九場的場均的25分9.2助攻, 下降到了15.8分7.8助攻, 但 現在這些較沒以前好的數據, 還能讓林排進聯盟前10名的控衛 Lin has actually reduced his turnover rate, to 4.4 over his last five games from 5.9 in his previous nine. More alarming is Lin’s shooting percentage, which plummeted to 38.2 percent over the last five games, from 50.9 percent in the first nine. 然後林書豪的失誤在最近五場中也有改善, 從前九場的5.9次降到最近五場的4.4次 但需要注意的是他的命中率, 從前九場的50.9%降到了最近五場的38.2次 Defenses are making it tougher for Lin to get to the rim and tougher to convert if he gets there. But his recent struggles are also a product of a Knicks team that is, once again, in transition. Lin became a star when he was the sole engine of the Knicks’ offense, both their leading scorer and ball-handler. The seven-game winning streak came without Carmelo Anthony, without Davis and J. R. Smith and largely without Amar’e Stoudemire. 敵對的防守讓林書豪越來越難投進籃框, 也越來越難順利傳導. 但他最近不佳的表 現是因為尼克隊現在處在過渡時期. 在最初的七連勝時期, 沒有Melo, BD, JR, 也幾 乎沒有Amar'e, 林書豪是那時尼克唯一的進攻引擎, 身兼控球&得分 The Knicks are 3-3 since Smith joined the fray (with a .375 shooting percentage) and 2-3 since Davis and Anthony returned. The rotation is now 10 deep, with fewer minutes and shots for everyone. Lin’s responsibilities have changed. JR加入後尼克3勝3敗, BD跟Melo回來後2勝3敗, 現在差不多每場上來10人, 僧多粥少 的情況下每人的上場時間跟出手次數會減少, 然後林在場上的責任就改變了 “It’s a lot easier to shoot the ball when you’re the main option,” D’ Antoni said. “When you have other elements you’ve got to incorporate and you ’re not getting all the looks you had before, it’s a little bit harder. But he has to learn that. That’s why the point guard position is hard.” 丹東尼說, 當你是主炮手時出手就簡單許多, 但當你需要組織配合其他隊友, 也不再 向以前那樣聚集所有的目光時, 出手就變得難了些, 林得繼續適應這個, 這就是為什 麼控衛沒那麼好當 This, more than anything, is Lin’s challenge for the final 29 regular-season games. His penetration, passing and court vision are ultimately more important to the team than his shooting, which the Knicks have in abundance. They will be stronger offensively with Lin setting up Anthony, Stoudemire, Smith and Tyson Chandler for easy shots. 這球季剩下的29場比賽中, 這就是林書豪最重要的課題. 比起得分, 林的切入, 傳導 跟傳球視野對球隊來說才是最重要的, 因為尼克現在已有一大堆得分好手. 這些好手 (甜瓜,阿罵,JR,魯智深)未來在林的組織下攻擊火力會更強 Lin understands that better than anyone. 書豪比任何人都更清楚這點 “As a point guard, I don’t want to be shooting the numbers I was before,” he said, adding, “I think it’s easier on my body just to be able to take lesser minutes and take less of a pounding, in terms of attacking the basket, but letting other people go ahead and do their thing, too.” 林書豪說, 身為一個控衛, 我不想像之前那樣的得高分, 對我來說上場時間少一些, 出手少一些然後讓其他隊員好好發揮身手, 應該不難才對 He may be a virtual rookie, but Lin speaks with the wisdom of a 10-year veteran, understanding that he need not be a superstar or a global icon — just a very good point guard on a talent-rich team. 林書豪實際上算菜鳥, 但他說出來的話就跟有10年經驗的老鳥一樣充滿智慧, 林瞭解 他不需要當一個超級球星, 只需要在一堆充滿天份的尼克隊員中當好一名控衛 --
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