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http://www.complex.com/video-games/2013/07/nba-2k-greatest-players/ 這篇歸在閒聊我想會好的些 25. Baron Davis Game: NBA 2K2 Year: 2001 This is before Baron Davis had the NBA's best beard, pre-James Harden. At the time, there was a real shortage of point guards who could get up; the top of the assists per game leaderboard was filled with the likes of Jason Kidd, John Stockton, Gary Payton and Mike Bibby. The points per game leaders were athletic freaks like Kobe Bryant and Vince Carter and the king of the volume shooters, Allen Iverson. But the clean-shaven Davis set the standard for later point guards like Russell Westbrook and Derrick Rose who could both score and set up others. Sure: maybe they score a little more willingly than pass, but they've got enough skill at the latter to make the former even more deadly. Injuries robbed Davis of the kind of hops he displayed early his career, but he still went on to have a tremendously successful stint with the Golden State Warriors playing Don Nelson's uptempo style. True to form, he was a terrific point guard on the fast break in NBA 2K2, back before your point guard always lagged behind to get the pass. Those were the days. NBA2K2的大鬍子BD 24. J.R. Smith Game: NBA 2K10 Year: 2009 Some players dominate through a multi-faceted mastery of the game. These players (think LeBron James, Michael Jordan) can be your east, west, north and south, doing a little or a lot of everything without too much difficulty. But then there are guys who do just one thing so unbelievably well that they're practically a force of nature. On the digital hardwood, that's J.R. Smith and his shooting. Somewhere around NBA 2K10, Smith's shooting motion became so buttery in the game as to rival Ray Allen's. The timing was so generous that it was almost impossible to miss with him from the 3-point line. That long-range threat also opened up lanes to the basket that let him finish with authority (lest we forget that he participated in and acquitted himself well in the Slam Dunk Contest once upon a time). In real life, Smith has only been able to put these things together capably in short stints, such as down the stretch last season, a spurt that earned him Sixth Man of the Year honors. The formula's a lot easier in 2K: 3-ball, rinse, repeat. NBA2K10 J.R. Smith 變態的投射能力 23. Jason Richardson Game: NBA 2K3 Year: 2002 Before 2K Sports nerfed the fastbreak game somewhere around NBA 2K12, one of the series' great joys was grabbing a defensive rebound and throwing the outlet pass before you even landed to a streaking shooting guard for a breakaway dunk. When it came to finishing that play, Jason Richardson was one of the best of all time. The season after he won the Slam Dunk Contest, Richardson was a flat-out monster in NBA 2K3, able to hit shots from distance but also built with an extra gear that other players didn't seem to have. On any fastbreak opportunity he was always out ahead of the pack, pushing the action like he wanted to eat the rim whole. And those dunks: never less than authoritative, they were often jaw-dropping, enough to get you to jump off your couch and pump your fist. NBA2K3 Jason Richardson 多少人還記得他的灌籃能力有多可怕 在2K3裡總是可以輕鬆的飛過敵手 22. Ray Allen Game: NBA 2K8 Year: 2007 An important thing happened in NBA 2K7 that set the table for Ray Allen's awesomeness in NBA 2K8: the addition of Signature Styles to the game. Before then, Allen was simply a knockdown jump shooter (and decent finisher as well), but once his silky smooth jumper was brought into the game it became almost unfair to use him, especially once he was added to a Celtics team in the 2007 offseason. Surrounded by Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett (plus the budding talent of Rajon Rondo), Allen was poised to look even better and NBA 2K8 blessed him with a 92 Overall Rating, placing him in the top five of shooting guards with Tracy McGrady, Dwyane Wade and Kobe Bryant. Let's face it: As much as 2K has always prided itself on being a simulation of the game, it has-like Bill Russell says-always been about buckets and Allen in 2K8 was one of the best bucket-getters from long range the game has ever seen. NBA2K8中的Ray Allen 透過交易去Boston 與過去的主將角色不同 幾乎是按了投籃就會投進 在當代SG也有前五的能力(92) 21. Greg Oden Game: NBA 2K9 Year: 2008 The 2008-09 season should have been the year of Greg Oden. Now, it's easy to look back at the 2007 draft and wonder what the Trail Blazers were thinking taking Oden over world-destroyer Durant, but it didn't look that way then. Hell, Durant didn't even do all that well in his rookie year when he mostly played shooting guard-weirdly-for the Seattle Supersonics. Oden was supposed to be the kind of giant athletic defender the league was built around but rarely saw fully realized at the time and in NBA 2K9 he was just that. A year removed from the microfracture surgery that sidelines him for what should have been his rookie year, he looked poised to blow up and he played like it. With deft post moves he may not have truly earned and a big defensive and rebounding presence he certainly did, Oden was a pillar down low for a virtual Blazers team that also featured Brandon Roy. Released into a fantasy Association, he was a building block for years on end, frequently winning MVP awards in the process. Alas, it was never to be in the real world and even with a rumored comeback to the NBA this season, the chances that he'll light it on fire like he did in 2K9 are slim to none. NBA2K9裡的 Greg Oden 大家都知道Oden在剛進聯盟時受傷了一年 大家都期待下一年傷癒復出的他會更可怕 於是在2K9裡往往能看到Oden在王朝裡成長成怪物 當然 現實世界中........ 20. Rashard Lewis Game: NBA 2K2 Year: 2001 Let's keep this one simple: Rashard Lewis in NBA 2K2 was Kevin Durant before Kevin Durant. Six-foot-ten and blessed by 2K Sports with maybe a little more quickness than he actually had and an inerrant 3-point shot, Lewis towered over every two-guard in the game and could take just about any small forward off the dribble with a quick pump fake (which in the simpler times of 2K2 was just deadly). In NBA 2K2 he was a cornerstone, a franchise player. It was no trick to drop 50 or 60 points with him regularly and by applying yourself it was no great feat to notch 100, even with 10 minute quarters, and he was even a decent rebounder, especially if you played him at shooting guard. Lewis' career, of course, didn't bear out the vaunted abilities given him by Visual Concepts, but hey, he still caught a ring this season with the Miami Heat. NBA2K2 Rashard Lewis 傳說中的兩千萬 當年靠著身高以及三分球幾乎可以把電腦跟對手吃得死死的 19. Bill Russell Game: NBA 2K13 Year: 2012 Bill Russell in NBA 2K13 is dominant in a kind of sneaky way, much as he was in real life. Never a great shooter or even post player on offense, Russell control the virtual hardwood the way he controlled the real hardwood: through defense and rebounding. His Signature Skills point to this, with the full suite of Chasedown Block, Eraser and Defensive Anchor all at his command. You might not ever find yourself directly controlling Russell except for when he tears down a rebound and kicks it to a shooter or a player streaking up the court on the fastbreak, but you'll know how dominant he is when you look at your opponent's final score and see it's often only a little more than half your own. NBA2K13 Bill Russell 戒指王 這應該不用多說了 雖然在遊戲中的進攻沒有特別好用 可是通常可以在對手中的分數得知羅素爺的防守威力 通常只偶你得的一半多一點 18. Amar'e Stoudemire Game: NBA 2K9 Year: 2008 It's a real toss-up for Amar'e Stoudemire's best year in the NBA 2K franchise. He had a great year in 2004-05 and was mega-nice in NBA 2K6, but Stoudemire in NBA 2K9 was probably at his peak as far as video game form is considered. Always a better rebounder on the virtual hardwood than in real life, Stoudemire had a career year in 2007-08, posting career highs in Player Efficiency Rating (27.6), win shares per 48 (.262), true shooting percentage and effective field goal percentage (.656 and .592) and points-per-36-minutes (26.7). His success that season paved the way for his 94 rating in NBA 2K9, plus the series' offensive pick and roll game was at or near its peak, allowing for fantastic finishes on dishes from Steve Nash (or whatever point guard you wanted to pair him with). Injuries would eventually strip Stoudemire of his terrific athleticism, but in NBA 2K9 he was at his digital peak. 當年靠著現實世界裡Nash跟戰術的推波助瀾 阿罵在2K9的總評分數來到了生涯新高 幾乎是按了空中接力就能把球灌進 也許傷是可能會結束阿罵的球員生涯 當不可否認當年2K9他的評價來到了94 是新的高峰 17. John Havlicek Game: NBA 2K13 Year: 2012 Here's the only thing that Swiss Army knife and original sixth-man John Havlicek doesn't do well: nothing. Sure, his player model might look more like a state senator than a perennial All-Star, but underneath those tall striped socks and short shorts is a guy who can shoot, drive, dish and defend the bejeezus out of just about any 2 or 3 in the current NBA. Plus his shot is a very smooth straight up and down motion that's easy to score with from anywhere on the floor, belying his middling 75 rating for 3-point shooting. Whether you start him or keep in the sixth man role that made his name, Hondo (a nickname from a movie earned for his similarity in appearance to John Wayne) is a straight killer with the rock. Don't let the haircut fool you. NBA2K13 John Havlicek 也是塞爾提克的傳奇明星之一 不過在遊戲裡的造型看起來比較像是個參議員 在場上的任何地方都能得分 16. Dwyane Wade Game: NBA 2K7 Year: 2006 Fresh off the Miami Heat's Finals victory at the end of the 2006 season and winning the Finals MVP award, Dwyane Wade was awarded in NBA 2K7 with an overall 98 rating. And man did he ever play up to that rating: finishing in traffic, facilitating for teammates, knocking down high-degree-of-difficulty jumpers from almost anywhere (not 3-point range, but that's about it) and defending tenaciously no matter the match-up. He was an all-around threat, simply put, boasting a 95 Speed rating, a 94 Handle rating and a 99 Layup rating. It can be easy to forget how good Wade was in real life, much less in NBA 2K7, simply because he spent so little time at the top before injuries incurred by his reckless and physical play began to slow him. His play for the Heat on their back-to-back championship teams has been inconsistent, but every once in a while he still flashes hints of the greatness captured in NBA 2K7. NBA2K7 Wade 在當年總冠軍加持下 生涯顛峰的WADE在2K7裡當然也是大殺四方(也正好是EA 2K黃金交叉之時) 閃電俠的他擁有超快的速度 上籃能力也有99 15. Kevin Garnett Game: ESPN NBA 2K5 Year: 2004 The 2003-04 was Kevin Garnett's best season as a Timberwolf, and after finishing as the runner-up to Tim Duncan in 2002-03, he won the regular season MVP award and led the Timberwolves to the Western Conference Finals where they lost to a flawed Lakers team, largely due to Sam Cassell's back problems. But in ESPN NBA 2K5 he was the key to many a championship Association with a 99 rating and a complete arsenal that included a wicked face-up jumper, aggressive rebounding and defense and impressive passing, especially for a big man. What else would you expect for a player who led his team in points, rebounds, steals and blocks per game the previous season? Oh and he was second in assists per game. Garnett was one of the most complete players in any basketball video game this year, an absolute beast. NBA2K5 Kevin Garnett 雖然當年在遊戲發售前一季的季後賽裡因為火星人的背部問題輸給了湖人 但是KG的全能表現也反映在遊戲中 從禁區到傳球 無所不能 14. Vince Carter Game: NBA 2K1 Year: 2000 There were players before Vince Carter who got tagged with the "next Jordan" label: Grant Hill, even Harold Miner (like anyone named "Harold" was ever going to be the next Jordan). But when Vince Carter exploded into the NBA spotlight and our hearts with his terrifyingly amazing dunks and Slam Dunk Contest championship in 2000, it seemed like maybe this was going to be it. His breakout season in 1999-2000 earned him a spot as one of the two best shooting guards in NBA 2K1 alongside Kobe Bryant and-honestly-Carter was just more FUN to use. His top-flight 3-point shooting was perfect for setting up his forays to the rim: all it took was one pump fake and he was gone, flying through the air destructively with a rare combination of grace and power that earned him comparisons to Dominique Wilkins as well as His Airness. Even now, Carter is a valuable sixth man for the Mavericks, but nothing will touch those early moments of his career-captured in NBA 2K1-when anything seemed possible. NBA2K1 Vince Carter 灌籃能力 一到禁區就阻止不了加拿大航空起飛了 另外三分球能力也在當時很可怕 13. Derrick Rose Game: NBA 2K12 Year: 2011 The season after winning the regular season MVP, Derrick Rose went from only great to truly amazing in NBA 2K12. His overall rating shot from an 85 to a 92, placing him squarely in the same category as Kevin Durant. His shooting got better and his dribble moves even silkier as he snaked to the rim and either threw it down or dropped his soft, signature runner in the lane. In short, he was one of the few players who could win you a game single-handedly in the backcourt, functioning well as a distributor and facilitator and even better as a scoring threat. His season-ending injury during the 2012 playoffs kept him from online lineups all season, but you can bet he's going to vault right back up to the top once he comes back in NBA 2K14. NBA2K12 Derrick Rose 在2K系列中 喜歡在籃框前面拋球的ROSE 在前年MVP的加持下 2K12大殺四方 但受傷的他在2K14中能拿到怎麼樣的能力? 12. Arvydas Sabonis Game: NBA 2K1 Year: 2000 Just because legendary Lithuanian Arvydas Sabonis was past his prime when he finally arrived in the NBA to play for the Portland Trail Blazers at the age of 31 doesn't mean he wasn't a dominant video game force. Perhaps swayed more by his exploits as part of the Soviet team that won gold in the 1988 Summer Olympics than by the injuries that had slowed him considerably, the Sabonis that appeared in NBA 2K1 was like a stretch 4 from Mars. At 7'3", Sabonis could rebound and score around the basket but also pass and shoot the 3-pointer with reliable accuracy. The way he played cast a long shadow over future lesser if similarly constructed talents like Raef LaFrentz and Mehmet Okur. Just like the real NBA, we may never have gotten to experience Sabonis at the height of his powers as an athletic and versatile center, but the version we got in the first couple years of the NBA 2K series was plenty good enough. NBA2K1的Sabonis 擁有7'3的身高 在遊戲裡也可以丟三分球 雖然在現實世界中可能無法做到這麼好 但基本上在遊戲中也是屬於妖怪的球員 11. Oscar Robertson Game: NBA 2K13 Year: 2012 Just because he doesn't look like an All-Pro linebacker doesn't mean the man they called the Big "O" isn't every bit the multi-dimensional player that King James is. Go ahead: dial up the 1970-71 Milwaukee Bucks (who are sadly lacking Lew Alcindor, an addition which would make this squad one of the best in NBA 2K history) and see what happens. Without even trying to, Robertson is likely to end up with 15 points, 7 assists and 6 rebounds. Or better yet, put him on a different team with some serious low-post options and wing help and watch him go for 25, 10 and 10. At 6'5", Robertson is a big guard, plus he has a smooth and easy-to-use shooting stroke that makes him great off the dribble or spotting up. For the next fantasy Association you run, I highly recommend ditching one of the weaker NBA teams and adding in Robertson's Bucks in order to build around him. You won't be sorry. NBA2K13 Oscar Robertson LBJ的前輩 雖然在遊戲中比較無法顯現出他的籃板能力(遊戲的先天限制) 而且在2K13中賈霸並沒有出現 不太完美的公鹿 但大O還是很可怕 10. Chris Paul Game: NBA 2K9 Year: 2008 A pick and roll maestro, Chris Paul's 99 Overall Rating in NBA 2K9 dovetailed quite nicely with the high point of the game's offensive pick and roll play. Starting with either NBA 2K10 or NBA 2K11 (depending on personal preference), the defense on pick and rolls got a little stouter, a little harder to pull off with easy aplomb. So hurray for realism, but pour one out for the death of a beautiful two-man game for which Paul was the absolutely perfect set up man. It didn't hurt at all that at the time the Hornets sported not one but two ideal PNR partners in Tyson Chandler and David West (who could also pick and pop with the best of them). A slick ballhandler and master of threaded passes, Paul in 2K9 could also knock down stepback midrange Js with regularity. Add in the fact that he was one of the best perimeter defenders in the game and there's little doubt that Chris Paul in NBA 2K9 was one of the best point guards the series ever saw. NBA2K9 CP3 檔拆 配上 WEST跟拳王 在遊戲中很可怕 CP3在2K9裡幾乎是最強的PG 9. Kevin Durant Game: NBA 2K12 Year: 2011 2K Sports has never gotten Kevin Durant's player model to look quite right. Part of it is down to his freakish wingspan and part of it is down to his tremendously lanky frame, but the 2K versions of Durant have never truly conveyed the real thing's long-limbed visual appeal. But that doesn't really matter when they've captured his otherworldly game so well. Maybe I'm crazy, but I think in NBA 2K13 they had to nerf his shooting motion a bit to level the playing field-his 2K12 shot was so buttery smooth and automatic that it was practically gamebreaking. And that was when he wasn't putting it on the floor, which he could do with equal aplomb. Put it this way: Durant is notoriously squirrelly about his height. Officially listed by the NBA at 6'9", he's pegged by Draft Express at 6'10.25" with a nearly 7'5" wingspan. So maybe it's a good thing that 2K hasn't been able to truly bring those pterodactyl-esque proportions into the game to go with his silky shot and fearsome finishing. It just might be the video game basketball apocalypse. NBA2K12 Kevin Durant 雖然手長在遊戲無法真正呈現(臉也被弄得有點不像) 但在2K12裡幾乎天下無敵 13甚至有偷偷的削弱KD 由於官方的身高只有6'9 遊戲也得如實呈現 但實際上KD更高 8. Yao Ming Game: NBA 2K6 Year: 2005 Yao's real-life career might have been dogged by injuries, but in NBA 2K, he was more or less a human cheat code. And the thing about Yao is that he enjoyed three years of ever-escalating ability in the game before suffering his first major injury early in the 2005-06 season, meaning that the NBA 2K6 version of Yao Ming is at the absolute height of his powers. His rebounding is unfair. His finishing is unfair (if not very dramatic). His midrange shooting is unfair. At 7'6", he's pretty clearly the tallest actually good player to ever play in the NBA. (Gheorghe Muresan and Manute Bol topped him at 7'7", but certainly didn't best him in talent.) Based on the combination of his international and NBA careers, Yao is nearly a lock to make the Basketball Hall of Fame one day and become the tallest player ever awarded that honor. If it were based strictly on his NBA 2K career, he'd already be there. NBA2K5 姚明 2K史上最高的男人 雙手一擺就能給你火鍋 一跳就有籃板 7. Chris Webber Game: NBA 2K2 Year: 2001 The early 2000s were a golden era for power forwards in the NBA with Kevin Garnett, Tim Duncan and Dirk Nowitzki ascendant while legends like Karl Malone still prowled the paint. Yet even among these Hall-of-Fame caliber players, Chris Webber stood out in the early years of the NBA 2K franchise. Freed from the injury difficulties that kept him from ever playing a full 82-game season in his career, Webber was a monster on the boards, a dominant scorer and an able passer, especially from the high post. Before 2K's post game became a Byzantine mess of twirls and syncopated trigger pulls, Webber was smooth as silk down low, ables to spin off defenders or drop step with just a few button presses. Simply put, Webber was the kind of player who could easily lead your franchise in points, rebounds and assists per game. NBA2K2 Chris Webber 雖然後來2K12有復刻版Webber 但當年的他不管是籃板跟傳球 都是個怪物 6. Hakeem Olajuwon Game: NBA 2K13 Year: 2012 Even with NBA 2K13's somewhat labrynthine post controls, Hakeem Olajuwon still handles like a dream-just like his nickname would indicate. The first time you pull off the Dream Shake with Olajuwon is just as sweet as the first time you put one up off the glass with Iverson's signature lay-up or pull off Jordan's dunk-to-layup fake down the lane. The crazy thing about Olajuwon is that he's just as good on defense as he is on offense, making him one of the rare big men who aren't just one or the other. If you really want some fun, I recommend throwing the 1993-94 Rockets into the fantasy Association blender and picking Olajuwon to be your force down low to go with a small ball power forward like Thaddeus Young or-for REAL fun-LeBron James. Oh the places you'll go. NBA2K13 Hakeem Olajuwon 在遊戲裡不止進攻 還有變態的防守 如果在王朝模式裡 配上LBJ或Thaddeus Young這種比較矮的大前鋒會比較有趣 5. LeBron James Game: NBA 2K13 Year: 2012 It's hard to pick just one year or version of NBA 2K where LeBron James was at his very best (and it seems likely that he'll be even more unsettlingly amazing next year when he's on the cover), but it's hard to argue against the LeBron from NBA 2K13. Coming off his first championship, LeBron is a 99 rated player in a game that has gotten ever-more persnickety with its high ratings, and deservedly so. His 3-pointer is more consistent, his post game has matured, and he even makes a bigger difference on defense with the addition of Signature Skills like the chasedown block. With the variety of things open to him now, it's almost difficult to NOT score with LeBron James. And even if you don't go to him often on offense, you'll find him a tenacious defender who still ends up with a near triple-double. In fifteen years they'll be making an edition of NBA 2K dedicated to LeBron like they did for Jordan in 2K11. NB2K13 LBJ 他不需要多說太多 能力破表 4. Shaquille O'Neal Game: NBA 2K1 Year: 2000 The Big Aristotle might have been the cover athlete for NBA 2K6 and 2K7, but Shaq's best appearance as the Big Pixel has to be following his 2000 season when he was both the regular season and NBA Finals MVP for the Los Angeles Lakers. At 28 he was at the height of his powers, as physically dominant as ever, but still with the quick spin moves down low that made him so dominant and a nice touch out of the post. He averaged a career-high 29.7 points per game in 2000 and a near career-high 13.6 rebounds per game (bested only by his rookie year's 13.9 rpg). 2K Sports rewarded that performance by making him one of the most destructive post players in the game's history, and even things like his subpar free throw shooting were mitigated by the fact that with default setting there are never as many fouls called in a game of 2K as in the real NBA. At least as far as 2K is concerned, Shaq could have added another nickname to his arsenal: The Big Cheat Code. NBA2K1 大歐 在遊戲裡擠啊擠的就能得分 也許應該給他一個新綽號叫做大金手指 3. Kobe Bryant Game: NBA 2K10 Year: 2009 Kobe Bryant was an overwhelming great player in NBA 2K for a long time before NBA 2K10, but when the Black Mamba finally got his cover spot, his virtual game seemed to take that leap from spectacular to nearly unfair. If NBA 2K10 captured anything with uncanny accuracy, it was Kobe's tendency to take and make the most ludicrous circus shots possible. Whereas 2K entries from earlier in the decade positioned him as something like the athletic freak that Vince Carter was, with an array of impressive dunks and good outside shooting, the Kobe of 2K10 was slipperier and more nimble around the hoop, hitting his signature spinning fadeaways from all angles. If you used him in the game, he could get you out of almost any jam and if you played against him, you could do everything in your power to stop him and still come up short. He was, in short, the definition of dominant. NBA2k10 Kobe 在2K10前2K比較偏向把KOBE做的像VC一樣體能變態 灌灌籃 投投三分 但在這代他們把KOBE做得更像他了 後仰 還有一些場上的小細節 依然主導著比賽 2. Allen Iverson Game: NBA 2K Year: 1999 The attention lavished on Allen Iverson in NBA 2K's debut for the Dreamcast was evident in more than just his player model, which sported accurate tattoos and the most realistic face in a game where-let's face it-a lot of the models left something to be desired. NBA 2K was the first basketball video game that really put dribbling and ball control at the forefront of the experience, and cover athlete Iverson was a wizard with the orange. Back before the Control Stick, back before IsoMotion, there was just the B button and with Iverson under your control, you were frequently surprised by the sick crossovers and spins he would pull off on his way to the net. As the game has evolved, 2K has given you ever more direct control over what players will do, but it's also robbed you of some of the wonder of seeing Iverson do things you didn't even know were possible. The historical Iverson from NBA 2K13 is still fun, sure, but near as wild and unbelievable as the original. NBA2K AI 當時2K的招牌人物 由於很多東西剛開發 在遊戲中AI是最像當時現實球員的角色 也許在2K13裡能再度玩到AI 但初代2K裡那種狂野是NBA2K13比不上的 1. Michael Jordan Game: NBA 2K13 Year: 2012 What can you possibly say about Michael Jordan as a video game character that hasn't already been said? Even back when he was known as Roster Guard or Mike Jordache in '90s video games because of contractual problems when he left the NBPA he was tearing the pixels up and, starting with NBA 2K11, 2K Sports brought him back in a big way and in many different versions. Whether you're playing as the high-flying, athletic '80s version or the savvier late '90s version with the killer post play and keen eye for the court, Jordan is a dominating force, although unlike some earlier video game versions of him, it behooves you to play to his strengths depending on the era. Not everything is an automatic dunk or slick fadeaway, making 2K Sports' take on Jordan his own worst enemy: you expect him to be a superhero, and so anything less can be a little frustrating. Use him well, though, and you will not be disappointed. NBA2K13 MJ 當時因為不屬於NBAPA(NBA球員工會) 直到後來2K11加入MJ 除了籃球之神的稱號 同時也是外掛之神 -- Jerhyn: Jerhyn: llewod: llewod: nony69: 什麼東西藏在 黑黑長長 如果三十公分 那就打開褲檔 海綿體寶寶 ●> 我的褲子裡 \●/ 又臭有毛 ●/ 是你的願望 讓大鵰飛翔 海綿體寶寶 < [email protected] \/ 海綿體寶寶 ) 海綿體寶寶 ) 海綿體寶寶 ) 海綿體寶寶 海綿體寶寶 ~● /\ /\ ψQSWEET 海綿體~~~寶寶 --
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推 :沒有Td跟司機就知道不用看了
07/24 02:47
推 :2k11姚明根本是bug 罰球又準 根本守不住...
07/24 02:56
推 :沒賣龜弟
07/24 02:56
推 :我總覺得2k112的vc跟dirk強到離譜
07/24 02:58
推 :表弟王朝也長的很誇張 年度mvp
07/24 03:01
推 :YAO應該要更高 太BUG了 勾射根本無解
07/24 03:04
推 :2k11的喬丹比較難守 他的後仰 有沒有守都差不多
07/24 03:04
推 :我覺得AI沒有很好用 個人問題吧
07/24 03:05
07/24 03:05
:歐尼爾 我從2k11開始玩到現在2k13 都不好用
07/24 03:05
推 :MJ掛到往生第一名也還是他
07/24 03:05
07/24 03:05
:說錯 是2k9玩到2k13..
07/24 03:06
推 :說實話 2K9的Yi 內線硬外線準 有用過就知道超強...
07/24 03:06
推 :2k13的ai有投有近 速度快到爆 每次線上朋友用都包夾
07/24 03:06
:容易被蓋 太矮
07/24 03:07
:ai光切入就悲劇了 自己吃鍋 不然就要兩段式
07/24 03:07
推 :基本上190下的矮個子都不太好用 滿容易被蓋
07/24 03:07
推 :這代尻佛三分更外掛 機乎空檔動作對 都射爆
07/24 03:08
:我覺得軟豆也太弱= =
07/24 03:09
07/24 03:09
推 :有人可以說說怎麼把歐尼爾用的跟 人間凶器一樣嗎
07/24 03:13
推 :Kobe不管哪一代都是神經病的強
07/24 03:13
:我用了 完全打不出 歐尼爾以前那些高光影片的那種fu
07/24 03:13
推 :還有幾隻很低調的就是Crawford跟Anthony IMBA
07/24 03:14
:kobe還好吧 比KD 喬丹 好守很多
07/24 03:14
:跟朋友打 玩湖人難度HoF 整場Kobe幹爆全場無死角
07/24 03:15
07/24 03:15
推 :KOBE在2k真的很猛 幾乎不太會打鐵...
07/24 03:16
推 :把電腦對手難度調成名人堂等級 每個都是神米 = =
07/24 03:17
推 :難度調HOF rank 90的球星以上的都嘛守不住
07/24 03:19
推 :kobe 可切可外線 中距離跟mj一樣準
07/24 03:19
07/24 03:44
07/24 03:45
推 :Oden在13潛力也有A-
07/24 03:46
推 :DIRK跟姚明才是最神的 一堆無解投籃
07/24 04:11
推 :我記得以前在王朝模式我會把姚明的運球練到99
07/24 04:21
:讓最高的姚明練成控衛~ 自己運球過人上籃,無人能擋
07/24 04:21
推 :司機確定op
07/24 04:21
推 :AI太矮很難用,一直被扒鍋
07/24 04:53
推 :因為2K名人堂可以同時讓你體驗到神一般的對手跟豬一
07/24 05:18
07/24 05:18
推 :2K9 歐肥超強,我全用他現實單打招式在打,超真實
07/24 05:21
07/24 05:22
07/24 05:22
推 :K13我覺得Kobe三分設定太準了,不太真實
07/24 05:25
07/24 05:25
07/24 05:26
推 :K9的Webster是我用過最唬爛射手,三分幹拔各種無視
07/24 05:27
:出手超快超好抓,catch & shot無敵
07/24 05:28
:居然沒T妹 能裡能外體能又好
07/24 05:31
07/24 06:24
07/24 06:24
07/24 06:31
:還有阿罵那裏的would eventually是假設語氣,你可以
07/24 06:35
07/24 06:41
07/24 06:43
07/24 06:44
:下一篇 NBA JAM TOP10明星
07/24 06:48
07/24 07:03
推 :No.1 BJ4
07/24 07:36
推 :2K13的羅素爺進攻普通吧 但很會補灌
07/24 07:37
推 :矮子球員要把crossover練好 這代有特殊能力 AI晃人後
07/24 07:41
07/24 07:41
推 :居然沒Dirk...電腦用他三分後仰我嚇到了
07/24 07:42
推 :不愧是射王Kobe 第三名
07/24 07:44
07/24 07:48
推 :姚明最好用
07/24 07:52
07/24 07:53
07/24 08:03
推 :挺有趣的阿 推推
07/24 08:04
07/24 08:12
推 :Live的Dirk 用天勾技能投三分球能天殺的百分之百進
07/24 08:26
推 :姚明是進擊的巨人
07/24 08:28
推 :2K的Yao是無解.........
07/24 08:30
推 :2K10還是2K11的Kobe有一個很大的特點...不傳球...
07/24 08:30
07/24 08:30
推 :XDD
07/24 08:34
07/24 08:44
推 :Yao在遊戲裡根本是鋼彈
07/24 08:57
推 :The Big Cheat Code SHAQ XDDDDD
07/24 09:00
抱歉有些地方翻的有點錯誤 太久沒有翻了 所以很多地方翻的不好 再請大家多多包涵指正 ※ 編輯: swordmr20 來自: (07/24 09:06)
推 :大歐先用王朝速度練到99就可以場場高光
07/24 09:03
推 :2K9,2K10的Yi也是bug般的強大
07/24 09:03
推 :2K13 Iggy 超好用
07/24 09:08
推 :當年2K2 AI隨便都一百分
07/24 09:13
:沒有Wesley Johnson,失敗。
07/24 09:24
:這沙洨 玩遊戲去NBAGame
07/24 09:27
推 :西河也很好用阿
07/24 09:28
07/24 09:39
推 :2k12 13 裡的melo根本超強
07/24 09:42
推 :以打全場來說Webber跟Garrnet超強 高速PF完全BUG
07/24 09:49
推 :有心推一個 :)
07/24 09:52
推 :姚明才是最靠杯的.....怎麼擠怎麼進,怎麼投怎麼有
07/24 09:58
:遇上我的自創角色 全部都是廢物
07/24 10:07
07/24 10:08
07/24 10:08
07/24 10:09
:玩2K13時 LBJ都會自己衝進去灌籃 根本作弊!!!
07/24 10:17
07/24 10:31
推 :不得不說老大遊戲裡太強
07/24 10:34
:三分準的都很強 無腦三分就贏了
07/24 10:38
推 :這篇內容其實滿豐富的 覺得原po翻有點不精確 不過還
07/24 10:46
:X是感謝貼到版上 滿有意思的
07/24 10:46
推 :我喜歡用雷槍
07/24 10:57
07/24 11:13
※ 編輯: swordmr20 來自: (07/24 11:24)
推 :KB 13自己用很難用 電腦用很鬼神
07/24 11:51
:姚明 & Allen 2K10的怪物
07/24 12:11
:忘記是2k3 還是2k4的灌藍高手模組也夠經典的
07/24 12:14
推 :我剛好有用2K2的Webber跟2K3的阿罵 各自砍下一百分
07/24 12:57
推 :laoda在13明明就超好用 後仰無敵跟MJ差不多
07/24 13:00
推 :玩MP把球傳給Kobe看他運運運、轉轉轉投進 助攻就+1
07/24 13:12
Paraguay:轉錄至看板 IVERSON 07/24 13:18 Paraguay:轉錄至看板 LeBronJames 07/24 13:18
推 :2K9...只要會投三分都超強
07/24 14:16
推 :轉到NBAGAME好了
07/24 17:37
zapion:轉錄至看板 NBAGAME 07/24 17:37
推 :Ray真的超好用的,每一代都是我綠軍的得分王
07/24 17:53
:居然沒有dirk 真不專業
07/24 19:20
07/24 21:29
推 :LBJ速度超快 體能又猛 隨便都能過兩三個人進去爆扣..
07/24 21:37
推 :MJ和LBJ都是速度快又能爆扣的代表 這兩人一隊就扣爆
07/25 09:38
07/25 09:40
:以C來講歐拉比大歐好用n倍 有中距離罰球不會太爛
07/25 09:41
:歐拉低位又有夠難守 真的是最強中鋒
07/25 09:43
:在2k11還是2k12 用laoda單場拿到81分過
07/25 11:29
推 :AI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
07/25 16:21
推 :我覺得踢妹超扯= =
07/25 18:18
推 :一堆人說ai超難用,是我的問題嗎ai單場至少70分
07/26 09:07
推 :DIRK跟YAO才是無解,一內線輕鬆得分,一外線超準蓋不到
07/26 15:23
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